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PROPS.SUPPLY engages practice through a plural and multi-faceted approach - we balance material efficiency with craft, low-tech ideas with high impact, and creativity with constraints. We are dedicated to creating accessible, inclusive and sustainable systems for the built environment.

PROPS.SUPPLY is a design collective pursuing architecture, publishing and research. 

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Seaside Bath House
Liepaja, Latvia
︎︎︎ architecture

The Liepaja Seaside park - a historically exclusive retreat area in Liepaja, Latvia - attracts visitors seeking recreation in the waterside cafes and bars, and nature lovers seeking peace on the coast. The revitalization and further development of the bathhouse, designed by Paul Max Berchi in 1902, is a crucial amenity for the development of a resort town focused on health tourism.

Our proposal reimagines the bathhouse as a new active center of the seaside park. The extension sensitively rests behind the historic structure, but is physically and visually engaged with the park. All new programs are contained under one roof, which also holds the central pool.
This is also the impetus for the movement of water throughout the entire bathhouse. The massive roof is formed by glass-reinforced fiber concrete panels that are ornamented with interpretations of motifs from traditional Fyodorov pottery of the 5th and 6th centuries.

The existing north and south wings have been transformed to accommodate new treatment spaces, and the central dome now protects a central, intimate, cooling pool. The ring of new facilities, regulated by the extents of the roof, creates an extensive set of exterior courtyards that are linked by a grotto-like garden under the western edge of the roof.