Folke Stone Power Plant
Folke Stone, UK
︎︎︎ organic batteries
︎︎︎ artist commission

Folk Stone Power Plant is conceived as a networked entity that is located at the Market Place by the Town Hall in Folkestone, UK. The design is developed for URBONAS Studio as part of the Future Energy Summit 2017 to actively learn about physics and metaphysics of alternative energy.

The stone contains organic batteries that generate sustainable electricity from biological sources, such as mushrooms and bacteria, with research supported by a global network of scientists who merge biology, electro-chemistry and physics. The purpose of the Power Plant is to emphasize electricity supply as a matter of public interest and to advance frontier in energy storage. 
PROPS designed the battery housing for the mycelium and mud substrates, the battery towers and iterations of the artificial rock in which the cells are held.

Folk Stone Power Plant was an artistic intervention by Urbonas Studio, commissioned by Creative Foundation for Folkestone Triennial 2017. The project was included in a collective exhibition, The God-Trick, at Parco Arte Vivente presentation in 2018.