Spätkapitalist Spätkauf/ Latecapitalist Lateshop

A 24hr experiment in post-capitalist modes of exchange.

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Spätkapitalist Spätkauf/ Latecapitalist Lateshop is a 24hr experiment on post-capitalist modes of exchange. LateShop adopts the form of a späti - a kiosk that is open late - as a space where routines of value exchange (purchasing, lending, borrowing, conversing, sharing) are combined with post-capitalistic routines of creation, consumption, circulation and manifestation.
LateShop is a space to consider what it means to exist beyond the exchange of normative capital, and speculate on alternate routines and rituals between producers and/or consumers. PROPS SUPPLY conceived version 0 of this project in collaboration with art critic Emily Watlington for Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, New York.