PROPS.SUPPLY is a design collective pursuing architecture, publishing and research. Our clients and collaborators include cultural and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, curators, artists, designers, friends and colleagues.

PROPS.SUPPLY engages practice through a plural and multi-faceted approach - we balance material efficiency with craft, low-tech ideas with high impact, and creativity with constraints. We are dedicated to creating accessible, inclusive and sustainable systems for the built environment.

PROPS.SUPPLY is a design collective pursuing architecture, publishing and research. 

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Citing the Future

This text is arriving to you through the jumbled airwaves of 2020.

An essay by Lucy Liu.


A bimonthly newspaper on imaging technology and image culture featuring artists, scientists, architects and image-makers from various practices.

Spätkapitalist Spätkauf / LateCapitalist LateShop

What, then, might a late capitalist store be like? A store that only sells images?

A shop and a 24hr performance.

Inhabiting the Horizon

Renovation and extension of a bathhouse in a seaside park in Liepaja, Latvia.

Outwit WeWork

To fight back, architects must move beyond speculative realism’s obsession with manipulation of the digital and re-learn how to manipulate reality: not to control it, but rather to re-introduce freedom by means of design.

An essay in The New York Review of Architecture by Matthew Bohne.


An installation exploring the role of periodicity in the construction of space defined by light.


Identity and environmental graphics for the 2nd annual Boston Art Book Fair (BABF) hosted in collaboration with Bodega and Boston Center for the Arts.


Proposal for a funeral home and marketplace for South London. 

Thin Things or Possibly A Building

What am I looking at?
What you are looking at is Piranesi, Kahn, and a ballet dancer in a bar placed in a gilded frame. This is somewhere along the lines I begin.

An essay in Yale Paprika! 1-20 Metrics by Matthew Bohne.

Before code, beyond speech

As a form of communication, drawing incorporates ambiguity, slippage, and intuition—all qualities that have been systematically eliminated by codified systems for the sake of clarity and precision in communication.

Visual essay and a collection of drawing-based instructional methods for The Creative Independent and's Library of Practical and Conceptual Resources by Lucy Liu.

Thoughts in “To Imagine,” Into the Universe of Technical Images (Electronic Mediations) by Vilém Flusser.

IMAGES ARE INTENDED TO SERVE A MODELS FOR ACTIONS. In a society that is dominated by images made within a totalitarian black box, can it be possible to reconsider images not as apparatuses for action, but for finding room for creation and freedom?

Visual essay in Yale Paprika! 4-07 An Image for the Present by Matthew Bohne and Lucy Liu.


What is the future of power generation if we look beyond the confines of capitalist accumulation?

A networked stone containing organic batteries that generate sustainable electricity from biological sources, such as mushrooms and mud bacteria.