PROPS.SUPPLY pursues architecture, publishing and cultural research. We partner with cultural and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, curators, artists, designers, friends and colleagues.

PROPS.SUPPLY is founded by Matthew Bohne and Lucy Liu in 2020. PROPS.SUPPLY works and plays in Soft Surplus, a studio space based in Brooklyn, New York.
We engage practice through a plural and multi-faceted approach - we balance material efficiency with craft, low-tech ideas with high impact, and creativity with constraints. We are dedicated to creating accessible, inclusive and sustainable systems for the built environment.


︎ hello[at]


︎︎︎    architectural & environment design
︎︎︎    graphic design
︎︎︎    web design & development
︎︎︎    print publication
︎︎︎    visual identity & brand
︎︎︎    installation & performance
︎︎︎    spatial programming
︎︎︎    reasearch & creative strategy
︎︎︎    curriculum design

︎ models of design practice & pedagogies
︎ low-tech hyperrealism
︎ field ecology & citizen science
︎ collecting & ordering
︎ illuminated manuscripts and codices
︎ reciprocal human/non-human relationships
︎ personal narrative/human psyche
︎ folk traditions/ scientific traditions
︎ ethnobotany & mysticism